The Pancakes Mokele Goes To Town

8.5 / 10 fuzzed rock for heads!

The Pancakes Mokele Goes To Town has many stages taking the listener on a journey from playful to speaker blowing psychedelic madness with plenty of retro vibrations that will blow your mind.

Mokel Goes To Town is satisfying with retro tones and vocals that bring me back to the classic underground albums of the 1960s like Fifty Foot Hose in their finest moments. A part of me has always wanted to hear an album like this one. The fuzz tones on the guitar and bass are vintage and demand the listeners attention and sound so good.

The opening tracks “Spider Spider” and “Elephant” have a playful spirit with a dark undercurrent and aggressive fuzz bass and guitar. The vocals by Daniela Neeff are excellent with true retro psychedelic flavor served with power and rock attitude.

The Pancakes are from Pforzheim Germany and released a single 7″ split with the underground band KLED in 2008. Mokele Goes To Town is a 2LP with a great variety of psychedelic rock and space rock released on Kerntonschall Records.

This album will appeal to fans of Vibravoid, Black Satori, Magic Lantern, and underground 1960’s and 1970’s psychedelia. The Pancakes have found a sound that is their own and influenced by the whole history of psychedelic rock.