TOY Happy In The Hollow
6.8 /10
TOY Band
Toy is back with Happy In The Hollow their fourth album and first released on Tough Love Records. This album has darkwave pop and dance sensibilities with lots of brooding post-punk and shiny production. The rock centered UK band has Krautrock bass and drum throughout. On Happy In The Hollow they acheive a sound which is less in your face than previous releases. Shoegaze abound on this album with shimmering reverb and sonic soundscapes. All the while motorik rhythms drive the sound forward. The vocals are filled with echo and attitude but never strained or harsh and frequently backed in harmony for a dense sound.
For all the pleasant moments on Happy In The Hollow there is a counterpoint filled with experimental songs which make this album unique and interesting. Combining an industrial 80’s rock with contemporary shoegaze and indie pop. TOY shares much in common with other bands like Heaters, or Sherpa when they are playing it safe but when the crystal visions set in it takes a melted off-kilter feel.
TOY Happy In The Hollow is an interesting album with unique songwriting and compositions. Their ability to blend soft oceanic shoegaze with trippy and challenging sounds set this music apart from the field. Happy In The Hollows has a variety of branches which stem off from their core sound making the album diverse taking the listener on a journey.