Acid Rooster

8.5/10 All-out Krautrock Evolution

Acid Rooster has released their self-titled debut and it is far-out high energy German psychedelic spacerock. The music is “Free thinking psychedelic instrumental music without song structures, exploring possibilities of the moment.”

Acid Rooster

Liquid lead guitar solos, space rock synth, and groovy rhythm chart a course into outerspace. The songs flow freely exploring drone, improvisation, psychedelic experimental rock, classic kraut rock and space rock. I also hear some Japanese experimental psychedelic rock in their sound.  For example, “Oculatus Abyss” shares some attractive qualities of Acid Mother Temple‘s Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Tour Album and King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard.

Acid Rooster is digging deep into the well of far-out psychedelic rock and has created their own dimension of this mind-expanding vibrational brew. The way the band comes together can only happen when people are listening and following their ear. The structured elements of the sound remove any sense of hesitancy or misdirection. This is a solid album and I hope they follow suit with other improvisational bands and keep the new music coming.

Acid Rooster started in late 2015 with the concept of an improvisation psychedelic jam band in the vein of Motorpsycho, Agitation Free, Hawkwind or NEU!. The music was “Free thinking psychedelic instrumental music without song structures, exploring possibilities of the moment.” Their live performances were also free of structure and improvisational.

Acid Rooster

In December of 2018 Acid Rooster recorded at Zentralantiquariat Leipzig by Jan Werner and Frank Oberländer. They recorded their songs over the course of 4 days. In preparation for the recording session they decided to have sections of the songs written with improvisational sections built into the songs matrix. The end result is exciting, fresh and unique with great recording quality mixing and mastering.

The trippy optical album artwork is by Christian Kröber. Limited edition of 300 vinyl copies on Blue wax with psychedelic poster.  This album is published by German psychedelic space rock label Sunhair Music released July 30th 2019.


Blog by: Temple Rose

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