Seafarer Review

SEAFARER is a four piece indie psych band based in Minneapolis Minnesota. On their first self-titled release they show off a sea of crystalline synths, charming melodies and daydreamy lyricism with a splash of British psychedelia. The songs are a landscape of subtle background textures and heavily effected guitars, melodic bass and vocals. As a whole the album contains catchy choruses, vintage feels and transports the listener on waves of a modulating and phasing tapestry of sound.


Rise and Shine introduces the tight rhythm section topped with rich delays, reverbs and sunshine vocals. Lucid Dream No.3 creeps up with a walking bass line and flanger guitar dripping with splashy reverb. The chorus muses, “I am trying to pretend it was all just a dream” as though awakening from an unexplainable experience. The guitar solo draws the song deeper into a psychedelic wind tunnel and emerges back where it began in the sun filled sky.


Lanterns has guitars and drums playing off each other in syncopated rhythms with a memorable vocal melody. The synth has UFO signals floating in the background with lighter in hand. Aphelion’s lyric, “still I am already gone in the celestial flow” seems to perfectly describe the sound of this song. The bass line walks with layers of synth and fluid guitar lines.  Modulated golden tones trailing through space and time. 


Judson Bottom is a journey into spaced out surf rock with cool sounding tremolos and vibrato guitar lines.  Mena Pasadena has a catchy guitar riff and vocals bringing to mind some of my favorite BJM moments. The background instrumentation creates a swirling array of musical colors.  This song has a combination of synth, heavily modulated guitars and vintage psychedelic influences like Beatles, and Brain Jonestown Massacre; it makes for an enjoyable feast.

Seafarer is located in Minneapolis, MN and is part of the growing psychedelic music scene with bands like Flavor Crystals, Magic Castles, Buffalo Fuzz, Driftwood Pyre, Black Satori, The Cult Of Lip and more.

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  1. Rise and shine
  2. Lucid Dream no.3
  3. Lanterns
  4. Aphelion
  5. Judson Bottom
  6. Mena Pasadena

Recorded at Blue Bell Knoll, Minneapolis, MN by Neil Weir

Mastered by Bruce Templeton at Monophonic LLC

Addition recording by Patrick Schiavone and Chet Musson

Music Written and produced by SEAFARER

Patrick Schiavone, Bill Bruss, Brian Huhn & Rob Haack. Jesse Bruflodt is the current live drummer.

By Temple Rose