L.A. Witch

La witch

L.A. Witch has released their first full length LP and it does not disappoint. The vintage desert-surf rock vibe is laced with reverberation and sassy attitude. The album opens with Kill My Baby Tonight, lets the world know that these talented musicians are giving the world hell. The song is a dark surf grunge packed with female power and defiance of traditional feminine etiquette. The music has punk and grunge elements but the entire album is infused with California sunshine, self-confidence, and chiming guitar. The music seems inspired by 50’s and 60’s rock-and-roll and surf, with hints of Johnny Cash, Nancy Sinatra “These Boots Are Made For Walking”, and California psychedelic rock contemporary and past. They can easily share a stage with Black Angels, Allah-las, Feels, La Luz, Night Beats, Dead Oceans, and many other talented groups.

The guitar sounds on this album show great attention to dynamics and accented rhythmic strikes. The electric guitar is a 1960’s Vox Viper Semi-Hollow which has a unique vintage sound. Sade Sanchez has a unmistakeable and wonderful voice that gives L.A. Witch the core of its sound. Raspy, disinterested, determined and willing to follow her own instincts with no remorse or sorrow. Basically, Sade Sanchez and L.A. Witch are not here to cry about life, they are here to rock. They do not care about all the gender and musical stereotypes which they unravel with a few sentences during interviews, their instruments are made for playing and they play with impeccable attitude and style.

LA Witch

This trio of desert rocking ladies have been touring non-stop for 3 to 4 years. During that time they opened for The Kills on their USA tour, did three loops around Europe and dropped 3 limited run 7” albums to sell on the road. They are true road warriors bringing their music to the people while crafting their songs along the way. In an interview with LA Weekly they were asked why it took so long to compile an album and it boiled down to money and becoming comfortable in the studio sessions. The previous releases were recorded in various locations and did not have a consistent sound quality. Likewise, L.A. Witch would record a 7” single to sell on tour then by the end of the trek the songs transformed in large and subtle ways compelling the band to re-record.

Most of the songs on this album have appeared on 7” singles and early demos including Brian, Untitled, Drive Your Car, Baby In Blue Jeans, Kill My Baby Tonight, You Love Nothing, and Get Lost. These old versions are raw and overdriven with a lo-fi garage rock quality. The new LP versions are much more balanced, the mix is beautiful and the songs have the addition of effects, clearer vocals and overall improved arrangements. The band as a whole really sounds great on the LP and it captures the energy and style of the live performances. These ladies have style and attitude that seeps from every second of this album. The music invites the listener to get in the car and go on an edgy ride.


  1. Kill My Baby Tonight
  2. Brian
  3. Untitled
  4. You Love Nothing
  5. Drive your Car
  6. Baby In Blue Jeans
  7. Feel Alright
  8. Good Guys
  9. Get Lost

L.A. Witch is:

Ellie English: Drums, Percussion

Irita Pai: Bass, Keys

Sade Sanchez: Guitar, Vocals

Recorded at Hurley Studios by Jon Berry

Mixed by Victor Salinas at The Bat Cave Studio

Mastered By David Gardener at Infrasonic Sound


L.A. Witch, Drive Your Car 7″

Desert Daze 2016