Mr Elevator Good Bye Blue Sky

8 / 10 Awesome synth and keys to ride into the sunset cinematically

mr elevator

Mr Elevator Good Bye Blue Sky is keyboards and snyth with vintage tones and out of this world sounds. The music is cinematic as though it should be in a film or art house movie. The album that feels 1970’s LA living the coast life in sunny California. It is a leap forward in this bands creative arch and is a great album!

Mr Elevator is the brain child of Tomas Dolas of Oh Sees and Mr Elevator and the Brain Hotel. His confidence and professionalism has grown significantly since joining Oh Sees and hitting the road. Good Bye Blue Sky was released on Castleface Records John Dwyer’s record label.

Good Bye Blue Sky is a fitting title as the music has the vintage tastes of classic Pink Floyd organs, keyboards, and synth. Likewise in the world today blue skies are becoming more rare as smog encloses the Earth. Fire season in California tints the skies with smoke and the smog from LA collects in valleys 100 miles away. Indeed there is a subtle melancholic feel to the album to match the relaxed vintage California dreamy vibe of the music.

Mr Elevator has evolved with each album moving from 1960 psychedelic garage pop to this new more expansive vision of their creativity. This album feels like the lid was lifted. Mr Elevator is able to be what it is in a supported way finding effective songwriting and opening up new dimensions of their sound. This album is a big step forward for this band and they are going to have more excitement coming; I can feel it in my bones.

Mr Elevator as I write this is on tour in the USA and will on the 2020 Oh Sees tour as well! Make sure to go out and support amazing music! ; )