The GR Record Head

7 / 10 Vintage vibes and rocking guitar

The GR Record Head is unique free rocking album with experimental oozing from its pores. The music is intense energetic with interesting and unpredictable songs which always manage to sound cool.

Released March 1st 2020 on Cardinal Fuzz and Opaque Dynamo.

The GR Record Head has a retro vibe but makes music way to far out for the original psychedelic revolution. The rapid picked electric guitar has unending driving energy and innovative style. The drums are playing crazy rhythms and the album features bass and organs as well. The vocals are full of attitude and have a vintage distortion effect that is very old school Rock & Roll in tone.

The GR Record Head is an album full of artistic expression and creative impulse that is raw and unfiltered. This record pushes at the walls on convention and breaks through to the other side with guitars blazing.