Zone Six Kozmik Koon

9.5 / 10 Space Rock at its finest!


Zone Six Kozmik Koon is a deep space odyssey with ambient glitter and drudgy stoner space rock. The sound is beautiful to listen to the balance of synth guitars and rhythm is tight and free. This is a band with experience and it shows in all the best possible ways. their technical skill combined with their free improvisational creativity is a pleasure to listen too. This is very music what space rock is today.

Zone Six was formed in 1997 and has been slowly releasing music carrying on the tradition of Germany Space Rock. This was one of the early space rock revival groups with member Dave Schmidt aka Sula Bassana member of Electric Moon. He also runs Sulatron Records which has been a hub for the release and promotion of space rock music with incredible music.


released December 6, 2019 on Sulatron Records

Recorded 2015-2018 by Sula at Amöbenklangraum Schlierbach. Mixed and produced by Sula, mastered by Eroc (
Cover painting by Ulla Papel, layout by Lulu Artwork!.

Rainer Neeff: Guitar, fx (The Pancakes, ex Embryo)
Komet Lulu: Bass, fx, voice, synth, tapes (Electric Moon, Krautzone)
Sula Bassana: Drums, Synths, Organ, Mellotron, E-Piano and A-Guitar (Electric Moon, Interkosmos, Krautzone, ex Liquid Visions etc.)