Black Satori Lucy Lane

9/10 Psychedelic garage rock bliss

Black Satori

Black Satori Lucy Lane is a ripping psychedelic garage rock album with blissful fuzz tones and multi-dimensional improvisational space rock.

Black Satori is futurist garage rock taking classic retro sounds and blowing them out of the water with contemporary tones and effects. The guitar solos are fuzzy, echoing and charged with energy, a highlight on the album is the title track “Lucy Lane”. The freak-out solo at the end seems to change the course of time with its lightning picked signals from space.

“Comet Overdrive” is like a lost cut from early Pink Floyd it is instrumental and has that vintage acid rock sound.

Black Satori Lucy Lane was released January 24 2020 on their own label Psych Manifesto Records. This is currently only available by stream, DL and CD. Maybe someone out there can help these guys get some vinyl on the market? I know I would buy it.

Black Satori Lucy Lane is the debut from this talented band. The band started in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA in their robust music scene, now relocated in the heart of the psychedelic and consciousness renaissance that is San Francisco, California.

Black Satori refined its musical brew on-stage opening for Acid Mothers Temple, The Well, Yoo Doo Right, Acid Dad, Possum, Snuff Redux, Driftwood Pyre, to name a few.

Favorite track is Lucy Lane for sure!

Black Satori Listless EP

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