Black Satori Listless Ep

7 out of 10

Black Satori

Black Satori is a mysterious 4 piece band whose songs take unexpected turns to flesh out dynamic energized compositions. Based in Minneapolis, MN the self-released debut Listless EP is available in digital format. Black Satori plays a mix of garage rock, doom, surf and experimental psychedelic rock. Their songs are creative and unpredictable. Listless starts out as a mellow surf-desert-rock song which blooms into an all out psych explosion that ends in swirling effects. The vocals are strong throughout the album with a melodic focus, pushing drive and tasteful vocal harmonies. Dangerous Love is true to the garage rock sound with guitars that combine Dan Auerbach and The Black Angels. The vocals on the chorus of Dangerous Love are infectious with 2-3 part harmonies chanting “Yeah yeah”. There is no way this won’t get stuck in your head!

Black Satori Listless EP gets a 7 out of 10. The songs are great, vocals and guitars are enjoyable throughout. The overall direction of the band is a creative psychedelic brew that does not imitate defined musical genres or other bands; they have their own sound. The production and sound quality of the recording is good overall. listless is clear, clean, glossy; Screaming Door has an authentic straight from the amp isolated tone, Dangerous Love sounds like a live room recording. Black Satori Listless EP is awesome. The songs are a pleasure to listen to, the guitars are complex with a big sound. This band will no doubt have a great follow-up as they are heading into the studio late 2018 for a mid 2019 full-length release. Check it out!!

Black Satori Listless EP