Slift La Planete Inexploree

Slift of Toulouse France new album La Planete Inexploree from Howlin’ Banana Records and Exag Records is a wild ride filled with edgy psychedelic rock and kraut minded garage rock. The songs from this three piece band have syncopated rhythms, fuzz tones, experimental explorations that push each song to their limit. It is becoming increasingly clear that the French music scene is becoming more psychedelic and exciting new music is bubbling from it’s revolutionary seams.



Slift is a new band which released Space is the Key an EP from 2017, thier first release. La Planete Inexploree is the first full-Length album and it lands with a huge splash. Slift utilizes unusual vocals, Psych freak-outs, motorik rhythms, heavy riffs and gentler moments which include clean guitars echoing out and flute. This album is an expansive romp through contemporary psychedelic rock. The music reminds me of artists such as Thee Oh Sees, Electric Moon, and King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard, however, they have an original sound in the genre much of which is difficult to compare to other bands.


The diversity of sounds on the album is a feast of plenty and displays incredible range in songwriting, tone, and skill. There is so much here to love and be challenged by that any psych fan can find some gold in this deep well. The album is well recorded and mixed packed with inspiration.


Slift La Planete Inexploree is an spectacular debut album. The music is original and diverse, no one-trick-ponyisms with this album. The music is clearly inspired by high energy psych acts mostly Oh Sees. At times it is perhaps a bit to close in tone to John Dwyer’s genre defining music. Slift’s creativity reaches its’ tentacles inside your brain and gets the juices pumping and the feet thumping!