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Heaters Suspended Youth

The Heaters dive into shoegaze rock with plenty of trendy synth. Suspended Youth fits the latest trends in the psych / contemporary shoegaze with spacious arrangements, rich guitar swells, ambient echoes, and steady rhythmic drum and bass cementing a danceable groove. The music swirls into the atmosphere making crystalline sonic clouds. It sounds like The Heaters have grown into a sound which is comfortable and creatively unique, they found their home base.

Dead Meadow The Nothing They Need

Dead Meadow is one of the premier stoner rock and psychedelic rock bands in the world. The album as a whole is very strong, highly creative, well-recorded and produced, with a number of very exciting climatic moments.


This album is filled with psyched out vintage tones and shoegaze ambience. The music echoes and reverberates spaciously, at times droning off into soundscapes. It spaces out as much as it rocks pushing the amps to break-up.

Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats Wasteland

This Cambridge based band lays into heavy Sabbath worship with creepy occult rock and psychedelic horror. The two guitars oscillating between blissful dual guitar leads, hard riffs and ripping fast arpeggios.  The thick bass lines and hard hitting drums lay a firm foundation. The treble boosted vocals harken back to Ozzy Osbourne but are unique and often harmonized in 70’s rock glory. The lyrics, like the music are spiced with vintage horror film themes.

Earthless, Kikagaku Moyo, JJUUJJUU 2018 March US Tour W/ Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show

Earthless, Kikagaku Moyo, JJUUJJUU 2018 March US Tour W/ Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show

Narco States – Temples Into Tombs

Narco States Temples Into Tombs Narco States Temples Into Tombs from Pinata Records! is for hip-shakers and narcotic troublemakers. Garage rock sublime with 60’s style organs, ripping guitar lines, and a raucous frontman, Michael Meyer. The blend of punk and... Continue Reading →

Vibravoid A Night At The Museum

"Vibravoid is a psychedelic rock band with kaleidoscopic liquid light oozing from their entire being. The music is a projector transmitting waves of transcendent experience into the mind of the listener pushing them out of their head into far-out vistas. Vibravoid is classic psychedelic music"

The Myrrors Hasta La Victoria

"Their music captures the spirit of the American Southwestern landscape and its harsh mystic beauty.  ‘Hasta La Victoria’ has an element of political unrest for a complex and uniquely challenging album which juxtaposes natural environments with political upheaval."

Can – Tago Mago

    CAN Tago Mago is universally considered one of the most influential Krautrock albums. Can was based in Germany during the flowering of psychedelic krautrock and progressive rock era. Damo Suzuki from Japan would sing in multiple languages and... Continue Reading →

L.A. Witch, Drive Your Car 7″

L.A. Witch Drive Your Car 7”   L.A. Witch’s ‘Drive Your Car’ 7” is bitter sweet and leaves you wanting more. The surfy garage rock sounds of this all women trio include punk rock attitude and a nod to the... Continue Reading →

The Cult of Lip ‘Right Now’ 7″

The Cult of Lip's debut 7” is high energy filled with twisted guitars and layers of effects. The punk rock rhythm section drives the sound as echoing vocals with indistinguishable lyrics and tons of attitude. The dense guitar sound is... Continue Reading →

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