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Driftwood Pyre Strangeways EP

Driftwood Pyre Strangeways Ep Is packed with catchy songs, rocking guitars and psychedelic vibrations. It has high quality production for a clear, rich, balanced sound that begs to be blasted at high volume. It is no surprise that they got signed to EXAG Records in Brussels and wowed audiences on their latest European tour. The music is in the vein of 60’s psych, garage rock, and dirty rock like The Stooges.

Driftwood Pyre was formed in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA by two members of the now disbanded First Communion Afterparty. The current line up is Liam Watkins (guitar, voice), Aaron James (bass), Joe Werner (guitar, voice), Courtney Olsen (drums), and Marie DeBris (keys). Their self-titled debut was released in 2015 featuring the single ‘Take Me To Your God’. This incredible album hit several best of 2015 year end lists. Strangeways EP takes their sound to the next level with focused songwriting and unified arrangements.  They join The Flavors Crystals, Magic Castles and Dead Gurus on the list of Minneapolis bands that thrive in European and UK markets.

Driftwood Pyre

The title track, ‘Strangeways’ has a horror film feel with dark instrumentation and lyrics referencing police violence. “They won’t go out after dark…The kids just want to have fun…Rise up baby, taking shots one by one, yeah you rise up baby, they’re killing everyone.”  Dramatic protests are now common place in 2017 to oppose police brutality. The history of psychedelic rock has always had lyrics which directly confront political oppression.

The theme of love, desire and the longing and resentment is repeat throughout the album with varying shades of darkness. In ‘The Tide’ Liam sings with a punk rock snarl lamenting the state of the planet, “Here she comes, she comes around at night and she will come around again, she’s better than her sister, she’s better than the rest. She’s better than her sister, Earth is trashed yeah.”

On ‘Shatter Star’ the lyrics are about self-reliance and rebellion, “How does it feel to be on your own and no one else…Keep on spreading your summer down the road…And you won’t do what your told.” ‘Protozoan’ is about longing  and makes references to mind altering substances. “In my room I dream of you. Kill my mind with drink and pill; these are things I said, laying in your room. Carpet starts to move.”

Driftwood Pyre Tour

Driftwood Pyre’s new EP has a solid set of songs which highlight and advance their personal style. Their own original creativity is blended perfectly with their musical influences to make an album which is inspired and captivating. High quality production and mixing are the icing on the cake making for a full sound that is well balanced giving additional life to the well crafted songs. This album is highly recommended and generates a great deal of excitement for their next full length LP and their live performances.

Driftwood Pyre Strangeways EP

  1. Shatter Star
  2. Into Blue
  3. Protozoan
  4. The Tide
  5. Strangeways

European Release April 22 2017

USA release to come…

Liam Watkins Composed Track 2

Joseph Werner Composed Track 1 and 3

Liam Watkins and Joseph Werner Composed Track 4 and 5

All tracks recorded and mixed by Neil Weir at Blue Knoll Studios in Minneapolis

Mastered by Anders Peterson at GS Mastering and Post Production in Stockholm, Sweden

Driftwood Pyre

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Article by: Temple Rose


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