Elephant Stone’s new album, ‘Ship of Fools’ is filled with catchy upbeat songs soaked in reverb, synth, organ, echoing guitars and a danceable rhythms. The lyrics are meaningful and relevant reflecting upon political and personal struggles. The songs contemplate the harms humans have done to the Earth and to themselves.

The first single was ‘The Devil’s Shelter’ released in 2015 featuring Alex Maas of The Black Angels; it has been  described as a “dance-psych freak-out.” This political song is powerful and begins with the pulse of a synth bass line and driven guitars with sitar for ornamentation. The two singers voices blend beautifully as they echo and trade off leads layered in changing effects. “Andromeda” is the second single showing off the electronic pop adding some sci-fi sounds. The lyrics are about being with the stars. “On a ship of fools, like a drop in the sea, what can this mean to me? A 100 million stars seen through the eyes of a satellite?”

Elephant Stone has changed and grown with each release the self-titled album had them opening for the The Black Angels on their USA tour which introduced me to their excellent music.  ‘Three Poisons’ took that sound plus electronic organ and synth creating some of their heaviest psychedelia yet. With the fourth release ‘Ship of Fools’ they set themselves free and explore the fusion between electronic, pop and psych leading to more upbeat songs with great instrumentation, strong vocals mixed with a little electronic India. ‘Ship of Fools’ is  opening up the dance floor for a psychedelic dance party complete with joy, contemplation and heart felt expression.


The album is being released through Burger records in the USA and Fuzz Club in the UK.

Elephant Stone

Ship Of Fools


Where I’m Going

Cast the First Stone


See the Light

Run, Sister, Run

Love is Like A Spinning Wheel

The Devil’s Shelter

Silence Can Say So Much

Au Gallis


RISHI DHIR – vocals, bass, sitar, keys
MILES DUPIRE – drums, backing vox
GABRIEL LAMBERT – geetar, backing vox

Photo credits: Bowen Stead

Article written by: Nathan Rose





Blog By: Temple Rose