Taras Bulba One

8/10 Highly original and creative

Taras Bulba One is an experimental album which oozes original creativity.  There are moments of synthesized ambience, strange mind-warping sounds and wailing echoing guitars. Taras Bulba One is for those who love something experimental, weird with alien sounds covering the sonic pallet. The weird atmospheric spaces on the album are awesome!

This album is Psychedelic and perfect for a long form journey. The music changes and evolves with diverse instrumentation and unique arrangements. There is no way to know what comes next when listening to this highly original band. Taras Bulba One is released through the awesome Riot Seasons Records on September 13th 2019.

Taras Bulba is a new project from former Earthling Society members Fred Laird and Jon Blacow. “the duo embarked on an inner space mission for new age ideas, rhythmic mantras, ambient landscapes and creative micro dosing. ” The album is home recorded with a true psychonaut DIY aesthetic.

Tara Bulba may appeal to fans of Krautrock, CAN, NEU!, 6 Organs Of Admittance, The Orb and soundtracks of David Lynch and Angelo Badalemnti.






Blog by: Temple Rose
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