Vibravoid World Of Pain / Plastic Covered Tangerines

9 /10 Vibravoid is the true vintage analogue psychedelic rock band!



Vibravoid has new cosmic transmissions for humans “World of Pain” a “7” vinyl. This is a true psychedelic retro collectors item from Vibravoid and Stoned Karma. The album is a liquid light show of ever-changing oscillations. “World Of Pain” rocks the wah-wah guitar with vintage tremolo, analogue synth, reverse guitar and a catchy chorus; it’s psychedelic 60’s for the space age.


“Plastic Covered Tangerines” has a 1960’s psychedelic melody and summer of love mantra lyrics. “Look to the sky and you will realize…follow your heart and you will realize.” The arrangements are dense with modulating instruments including sitar, reverse guitar, synth and distorted guitars. The middle of the song has an instrumental section which dives deep into psychedelic krautrock and reemerges into the verse chorus structure.

Vibravoid’s first release was in the year 2000 and they have since released over 50 albums including their latest albums Vibravoid Intergalactic Acid Freak Out Orgasms and Vibravoid Vibrations From The Cosmic Void . They have played over 1000 live concerts with light shows and uncompromising commitment to the psych scene including the legendary psychedelic Finkenbach Festival. They have put out over 20 limited edition live albums which always sell out immediately. Vibravoid is the true vintage analogue psychedelic rock band.

New album available at Stoned Karma.

Vibravoid Intergalactic Acid Freak Out Orgasms

Vibravoid Politics Of Ecstacy (Reissue)

Vibravoid Live At Rheinkaut Festival Dusseldorf 2018

Vibravoid Vibrations From The Cosmic Void

Vibravoid A Night At The Museum

Vibravoid Triptamine E.P. Vol. 5


Vibravoid 2019


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