Shana Cleveland Night Of The Worm Moon

9.5 / 10

Shana Cleveland of La Luz turns has released a magical solo album Night Of The Worm Moon with rich compositions and masterful acoustic guitar playing. The music is folk rock with inspiration from the American Primitive guitar school of the 1960’s and 70’s with her impressive finger picking and unusual twists and turns. The songs are quite gentle yet captivating and well written. The arrangements are tops with beautiful guitar playing and backing arrangements with keyboards, organ, drums, bass subtley layered.

Shana Cleveland

Her lyrics are drawn from impressions of dreams and tell stories of her life. Strings of ideas merge and melt into lyrical poetry. The songs are not a quick read and do not give a literal meaning, meaning is drawn from repeated listening and building your own story around the feelings and images presented.

As a whole this album is great and a perfect compliment to her more rocking tunes from La Luz. Shana‘s tour with the Mountain Goats received critical aclaim with highly positive reviews. La Luz always seemed like her main jam but stepping out with the acoustic guitar and lyrical songs may prove to be her deepest and most widely received music to date.

Shana Cleveland Night Of The Worm Moon


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