Earthless Black Heaven

9 out of 10

Earthless Black Heaven is a ripping album from The San Diego psychedelic rock heavy weights, released on Nuclear Blast Entertainment March 2018. Earthless changes lives through their live performances and incredible stream of full-length releases. Their music is mostly instrumental compositions built around stoner rock riffs and blazing fast liquid guitar leads which are some of the best out there. All this to say never miss Earthless if they are playing live near you and buy their albums no questions asked!!!


Black Heaven has Earthless exploring a song based approach to album writing and each song is loaded with heart pumping rock start to finish. Earthless is guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, Bassist Mike Eginton and drummer Mario Rubalcaba. This band is insanely tight with an indomitable rhythm section that allows Isaiah Mitchellto spread his blown-out wah solos across the universe. These lead guitar lines are sick enough to make Jimi Hendrix smile in the afterlife. Mitchell comes out of the red hot swirling guitar tones to lay down some strong old school 70’s rock vocals along the way.
The music on this album is hard psychedelic rock all the way with chugging riffs and intense rhythmic perfection. Even the vocal breaks have steady shifting rhythms and fast riffing guitar. They draw inspiration from 70’s style hard rock most felt in the riffs, vocals and solo stylings. The nod toward vintage rock sounds sets them apart from hard rock bands and adds to their originality.

Earthless kicks ass, Black Heaven is no exception. This album is certainly worth the time and gives back with a big sound that pushes the envelope. Great album for the psychedelic genre and a great album from this band. Don’t let yourself down, get this music into your ears. They missed a 10 out of 10 because the live shows are to fucking great and lift the bar up to Black Heaven.


Earthless Black Heaven

Gifted By The Wind

End to End

Electric Flame

Volt Rush

Black Heaven

Sudden End


Article By: Temple Rose