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Heaters Suspended Youth

The Heaters dive into shoegaze rock with plenty of trendy synth. Suspended Youth fits the latest trends in the psych / contemporary shoegaze with spacious arrangements, rich guitar swells, ambient echoes, and steady rhythmic drum and bass cementing a danceable groove. The music swirls into the atmosphere making crystalline sonic clouds. It sounds like The Heaters have grown into a sound which is comfortable and creatively unique, they found their home base.


This album is filled with psyched out vintage tones and shoegaze ambience. The music echoes and reverberates spaciously, at times droning off into soundscapes. It spaces out as much as it rocks pushing the amps to break-up.

M. Martin – A Harvest of Ice

The listener is taken on a journey from dark-psych to indie-folk-drone. M. Martin’s voice is present throughout with clear intent exploring indie melodies and phrasing to disinterested vocals with punk attitude.

The Cult of Lip – Your Feedback

"‘Your Feedback’ from The Cult of Lip is a whirlpool of detuned, effected guitars which spirals against the driven rhythm section."


"SEAFARER is a four piece indie psych band based in Minneapolis Minnesota. On their first self-titled release they show off a sea of crystalline synths, charming melodies and daydreamy lyricism with a splash of British psychedelia."

The Flavor Crystals / Telescopes Split

  Flavor Crystals / Telescopes Split   This Split pairs two underground shoe-gaze / psychedelic rock artists each contributing one side track. This is a atmospheric out of the box album and you will find no verses or chorus here.... Continue Reading →

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