Possum Space Grade Assembly

7 / 10 Space Fuzz garage rock in the gloriously creative formative stages.

Possum Space Grade Assembly

Possum Space Grade Assembly is spaced out fuzz rock from Toronto Canada. They blast off with wild guitar tones stoner rock swagger and experimental flair. The music can even slip inside garage rock tones, shoegaze and space rock.

Possum released Space Grade Assembly in June 2019 on Nanaimo Records.

The music draws from the psychedelic guitar tones of the past but with a contemporary approach which layers the sparkling guitar tones in intense reverb, echo and fuzz. They are not afraid to experiment with new unusual sounds and often move the songs in unpredictable directions with echoing effect spin-outs to end songs, something I love to hear!

The vocals are drenched in reverb and slapping echoes which is typical for this genre. The lyrics become mostly indistinguishable reminding me of The Heaters earlier albums.

This music would appeal the fans of The Black Angels, The Heaters, Black Satori, Night Beats, Frankie and The Witch Fingers, Oh Sees, Cult Of Lip and more.

Possum is killer live their songs have room for improvisation which can build into wonderful walls of once time only sounds. I had the pleasure of catching them in Minneapolis USA with Black Satori and Life in Vacuum.

Released June 21, 2019

recorded & mixed at the oscillitarium by brandon bak & tobin hopwood
mastered by joe carra at crystal mastering
brandon bak / vocals + guitar + moog + beans
tobin hopwood / guitar + bass + electronics
bradley thibodeau / drums
patrick “roy” lefler / bass: hills p1 + worms hollow p1 + slight gradient + vocals / the hills + ice cream + farfisa: ice cream
james gagne / vocals: i am the tiger + control / bass
except tobin hopwood / bass: the hills p2, tusk, ice cream





Space rock band Possum will make Nanaimo debut