Vibravoid Intergalactic Acid Freak Out Orgasms

9/10 Freak Out!

Vibravoid Intergalactic Acid Freak Out Orgasms! “Listening to this music has the same effect as LSD.”

Vibravoid Intergalactic Acid Freak Out Orgasms is a live recording from Finkenbach Festival 2018 released on Stoned Karma Records run by Christian Koch aka Dr. Koch the mastermind behind Vibravoid. This music is psychedelic rock with everything a rock loving psychedelic magician would want from outstanding originals, to The Beatles and Pink Floyd. The covers of “Astronomy Domine” and “Interstellar Overdrive” are amazing. The audio is high quality and can send the listener out-of-body and there is little noise from the audience to interrupt your journey into the void.

Vibravoid Intergalactic

Vibravoid goes way far-out with experimental improvisations that stretch space and time. In true German style at least one jam must go beyond 10 minutes and thank the gods that they do. The freakout jams are liquid light show extravaganza summoning vibrations from the ancient wisdom of deep space. Each one of these special moments are one off improvisations and are never exactly the same twice.

“Playing With Beuys” is a staple in Vibravoid live performances with seductive lyrics, “She’s looking so fine how I wish she was mine!” They excels at all music which is raw, layered in effects, and authentically psychedelic drawing their sounds primarily from the foundations of the psychedelic pop music from the 1960’s blended with the krautrock improvisations of the early 1970’s and to my ear they got some Acid Mother Temple in the mix.

Vibravoid’s first release was in the year 2000 and they have since released over 50 albums. They have played over 1000 live concerts with light shows and uncompromising commitment to the psych scene. They have put out over 20 limited edition live albums which always sell out immediately. Germany has been a hotbed for space-rock, psychedelic experimentation, and electronic music since the early 1970’s. It appears that their psychedelic music scene continues to produce incredible music up to the present day.

Got to get a vinyl if there are any copies left. This is a psychedelic classic that will age like a fine wine.


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