10,000 Russos Kompromat

8/ 10 Gothic Electro psych rock its pretty sick!


10,000 Russos Kompromat is uncompromising heavy psychedelic rock with an electronic heart. The music intense, dark and addictive.  The unsettling sound features ominous droning electronics, precise mechanical rhythms both human and machine. The vocals are surrounded with dark echoes announcing the coming of the age of death.

10,000 Russos Kompromat was released on Fuzz Club Records Oct. 8th 2019.

10,000 Russos Kompromat is impressive and seems to have solved the mystery of how to integrate psychedelic rock music with electronic music. These long track pump and grind bringing to mind the disco dance scenes in the movie Blade. 10,000 Russos have specialized in goth horror psychedelic music and hint at imagery of destruction, chaos, and genetic techno vampires.

The music is very visual and cinematic providing a full sensory experience at immersive volumes. The album for me creates a story of a futuristic world filled with danger and mystery. The inspirations for this music must come from a deep place in the twisted knots of the human collective unconscious. 10,000 Russos reaches into the abyss and pulls out blood soaked grim in 4th dimensional HD vision exposing its hidden secrets to the transformative light.