6.8 out of 10

JJUUJJUU released their second full-length LP Zionic Mud on Dine Alone Records April 2018. This album is filled with psyched out vintage tones and shoegaze ambience. The music echoes and reverberates spaciously, at times droning off into soundscapes. It spaces out as much as it rocks pushing the amps to break-up. The overall sound is psychedelic rock with transparent layers of living shimmering sounds reaching toward a beautiful shoegaze sprawl. 


JJUUJJUU Zionic Mud has indistinguishable vocals drenched in cavernous reverb, the guitars spike rhythmically and drone out with a constellation of effects. The rhythm sections goes into all-out Krautrock with danceable grooves and bumping bass lines. It brings to mind CAN’s Tago Mago mixed with early 2000’s underground avant-noise-rock acts like Racco-oo-oon and Yellow Swans.  


The songs feel improvisational with elements of structure for grounding. It takes unexpected turns and changes dynamical while keeping consistent in the overall mix. The echo units used on Zionic Mud become instrumental layers throughout the whole release with warbled tape echo goodness. JJUUJJUU creates a dense wall of sound that grows builds climaxes and kicks back for a smoke. 

This band is certainly worth knowing; it’s founded is the visionary behind Desert Daze and Moon Block Events, Phil Pillone. Phil Pillone started the band and has worked with several artists in the creation and recording of Zionic Mud. He originally made music using layered tape loops with avant noise which is still present today on Zionic Mud. The future has no limits for this unique band and Zionic Mud opens a new chapter in the sonic evolution of JJUUJJUU. 

This album gets a 6.8 out of 10 for great experimentation, awesome sound construction, improvisational song structures but loses strengthen when the album is considered as a whole. The shifting polarities are well balanced the overall sound is good. JJUUJJUU is on the precipice and will no doubt go far beyond what they accomplished here. 



1. Camo

2. Zionic Mud

3. Bleck

4. Level

5. Fast

6. Rubber Dust

7. Italian Toothpaste

8. Positive Transfer Sonic Drip

9. Cold Light 


Desert Daze 2016

Earthless, Kikagaku Moyo, JJUUJJUU 2018 March US Tour W/ Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show