Drug Hunt

8/10 Wicked Vibes

Drug Hunt come blasting out of the gate with their debut self-titled debut available from Blind Owl on July 5th 2019. The music has a driven dessert rock vibe with reverb and vintage organs. The vocals are echoed with compressed gooey warmth. The songs wander through a unpredictable valley filled with blazing riffs and attitude laiden rythem guitar. These two skilled psychedelic rock guitarists know how to burn the heady solo.

Drug Hunt

Drug Hunt sets themselves part from other bands who play in similar circles. They have their own sound and take the songs to places that are interesting and wonderfully strange. “The Well” is a bluesy rocker with a strange Jim Morrison horror movie feel. The song duck and evade predictive behavior like a group of non-conformists.

Drug Hunt, formerly known as Bad Vibes and hailing from San Diego. This self-titled debut makes for a interesting listen. may appeal to fan of the Black Angels, The Doors, Howling Rain. My favorite part is the guitar playing!



By Temple Rose

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