Imajinary Friends

Imajinary Friends of San Fransisco, California dive deep into kruatrock grooves and post-punk dreams with sexy counterculture lysergic experimentation. The music has way far-out quantum consciousness by the microgram dosing your ears with kaleidoscopic liquid sounds. This self-titled album is distributed by 300 Mics a label in San Fransisco with a limited edition clear vinyl with a blotter paper insert. The exotic blending of electronica and psychedelic rock is both danceable and exploratory perfect for your trip parties.

The Imajinary Friends are purposely obscure with very little media about them. Described as a collective with three core members: Tim Digulla of Tipsy; Ricky Maymi guitarist and founding member of Brain Jonestown Massacre; Travis Threlkel founding member Of Brain Jonestown Massacre and director at Obscura Digital where the album was mastered and overdubbed. Their debut “Lunchtime In Infinity” came out in 1994 they would wait 24 years before this self-titled release in 2017. During that time each musician was working with various projects and touring world-wide.

“L’Outsider” is the single with a guest appearance from Moogy with brilliant lead vocals sung in French. The song begins much like Can from Tago Mago era with club ready beats and dark kraut flavor. The vocals enter like an etherial psytrance spell sweeping the sound into visionary lights.

Released November 24, 2017

Reissued July 2018

The Imajinary Friends

Tim Digulla
Ricky Maymi
Travis Threlkel

Live sessions recorded at The Lumerians’ studio by Tyler Green 2013
Further improvisational recordings and final editing by
The Imajinary Friends at Obscura Digital. SF, CA 2014-2016
Mastered by Alex Oropeza at Obscura 2016

Vocal Assistance:

Moogy (L’Outsider, recorded by Moogy in Melbourne, Australia 2016)
Stephen Lawrie (Hate This Party, recorded by Tim in San Francisco, CA 2016)
Marleen Nilsson (Baby’s Bathwater, recorded by Marleen in Malmo, Sweden 2015)

Cello on L’Outsider and Hate This Party by Steve Mason

“The Homobicycle Twins” kindly provided by Raja Chemali