The Cult Of Lip Your Feedback Review

Your Feedback’ from The Cult of Lip is a whirlpool of detuned, effected guitars which spirals against the driven rhythm section. Hannah Porter’s elegant and sincere vocal stylings are beautifully blended into the densely layered psychedelic sounds. Ronnie Lee adds rich dense guitar to the mix.  It has focused compositions, quality production and is slathered in art-rock appeal. Their music is unique coated with early shoegaze influences like My Bloody Valentine. The Cult of Lip released the EP ‘Your Feedback’ on cassette distributed through Rare Plant in Madison, Wisconsin.

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‘Skin’ kicks off it off with a high energy introduction with Ronnie’s vibrato laced guitars ringing with mind warping tones. Heavy bass guitar adds a distorted drive that fattens up the sound. Hannah Porter’s vocals enter as a guiding light refracting in the waves of the instrumental riptide. ‘Fray’ has arpeggiated chords and heavy stacked delays. Hannah’s vocal lines are softly sung with a memorable melody. A deep tremolo takes hold of the song as it spins forward through a dreamy curtains of sound.    

‘Burnt Hair’ has the strings bending and burning-out into feedback scorching the background. A melodic line repeats through the verse with the bass pushing the song forward into a fast punk rock feel. Ronnie on reverb drenched vocals gives the song a psych attitude. On ‘Outside’ the bass comes to the forefront with Hannah singing to the muses as the guitars bend, filling space with tonal colors. The song ends with deep effected feedback making for an interesting fade.     

The Cult of Lip is another psychedelic rock band out of the Minneapolis, MN scene with The Flavor Crystals, Buffalo Fuzz, Seafarer, Magic Castles and many more.

The Cult Of Lip

The Cult of Lip

Your Feedback

  1. Skin
  2. Fray
  3. Burnt Hair
  4. Outside   

Released spring 2017

Recorded and mastered at Cat People Records by Ronnie Lee

Mixed by The Cult of Lip

Ronnie Lee on Guitars, Vocals, and Drum programing

Hannah Porter on Bass and Vocals


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