Psychic Lemon Live At The Smokehouse


Psychic Lemon Live At The Smokehouse rips with blazing fuzz tones and experimental rock. The opening track Interstellar Fuzz Star is a motorik track with hard hitting bass lines and steady drive. Guitars lines phase, echo and quiver in the waves of wonderfully layered FXs.

Psychic Lemon

The live recording is good quality all the instruments come through the mix without too much muddiness from the open room. It captures the exuberant performance which has the band interacting to create layered music which is psychedelic and space rock heaven. Psychic Lemon is burning down the house summoning the Extraterrestrial intelligence to merge into the outlandish space rock vibrations!

Psychic Lemon released their self-titled debut album in 2016 followed by Frequency. Rhythm.Distortion. Delay; Live At The Smokehouse is their second live release. It captures a different side of the band than what is heard on the studio albums. From listening I get the impression the live performance is a more comfortable venue for their music as it allows the band to interact with each other to create dense experimental music.

Psychic Lemon

Psychic Lemon is from the UK now based in Cambridge releasing album through Tonzonen Records a German label focused on krautrock, space rock and psychedelic rock.