PAINT is the first solo release from Pedrum Siadatian of Allah-Las on Mexican Summer 2018. The songs have a vintage sparkle with a whimsical Syd Barrett zest for songwriting. Exposed guitar parts encased in vintage transistor organ tones makes for an interesting brew with Pedrum’s distinctive vocals. The songs have a desert sun bleached feel that is charming and unique.



The guitar tones are easily recognized from the Allah-Las recordings with a thin vintage tone that sounds like it is straight from 1965 with fast struck chords in syncopated rhythms. He experiments with many effects on PAINT including reverse delay,  fat low bias fuzz tones, heavy vibrato giving the album sonic variety. The honest lyrics and singer songwritter approach have an intimate personal touch and give the songs a depth which can be explored well beyond the first several listens.

Pedrum Siadatian is an amazing guitar player and has helped define the new school of surfy desert rock originating out of Las Angeles which is now infecting guitar playing around the globe. His solo licks are distinctive and interesting and PAINT is filled with inspired guitar playing. It is enjoyable to hear Pedrum playing both the rhythm and the lead guitar parts. His vocals are melodic and harken back to the 1960’s hippy music. He has a disinterested tone and poetic lyrics mostly about relationships, day-to-day experiences. The music makes it feel like summer even in the depths of a chilling winter.

PAINT is an awesome album! Its unpredictability and whimsical approach are in contrast to the his alter-ego Allah-Las. This album is in the shadow of Allah-Las as Pedrum is best known for his work with that band and that is where he found his voice as a songwriter and guitarist. That said PAINT is great and holds up on its own merrits with excellent songwritting and deep insightful music which is disarming and catchy.