The Cosmic Dead Scottish Space Race

8.5/ 10 Heavy Psych Rock with Doom Punk and Freakout Noise!

The Cosmic Dead

The Cosmic Dead Scottish Space Race is an epic blast off into space with cyber punk- psychedelic-art rock and experimental freak-out music projected onto the audiences neuron-receptors. The intensity of the music strobes like a pulsar behind a field of cosmic debris and mangled star ships on an epic quest for death.

Scottish Space Race is heavy psych with pummeling doom, distorted noise, freak outs, and 200 BPM rock that lasts for 20 minutes at a time. This is non-stop rock music that displays impressive endurance and can hurt so good.  The Cosmic Dead can drop a hardcore break down like a ton of bricks laid on a foundation of doom, brace yourself.

The vocals are punk rock echoing with grit and anger with heavy attack. The guitars wail with a ever shifting array of filtered tones and crushing fuzz and distortion.  The guitar rips out arpeggiated notes while the drums increase the tempo to neck breaking speed. The vocals are often layered with screams, shouts and layers of reverb to create canyons filled with echoing man grunts.

Cyber future punks The Cosmic Dead bring is the synth for space rock pleasure. The whirling synth can bring the intensity up, cools the senses or create gnarly oscillation and laser beam signals.

The Cosmic Dead deliver a wicked brew of bubbling madness that is all their own. It is sick!


By Temple Rose

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