Abronia The Whole Of Each Eye

7.5 / 10 Creative Ritualistic Rock for Witches and Warlocks


Abronia The Whole Of Each Eye is a trippy gypsy-desert-rock experience with  female vocals and warpped instrumentation. The spacious arrangements have an array of electrified instruments and traditional acoustic folk instruments.  Many songs sound like pagan hymns of old but with a strong dose of distorted rock with progressive rock drama.

The vocals are echoing chants with lead vocalist Keelin Mayer’s unique and powerful voice which is airy, gritty, too cool and clear and graceful. Mayers voice is dynamic, and versatile, and guides the music from grungy punk-garage-rock style to folk goddess to progressive rock powerhouse.

The band is from Portland, Oregon is a 6 piece with a variety of instrumentation slide guitars, banjo, guitar, drums, drones and all kinds of vocal tones. The band sounds like Stonefield mixed with Spires In The Sunset Rise.

Abronia The Whole Of Each Eye carves out new territory in the folk-rock-goth universe. The sound a freshly trodden sonic territory, natural sonic forests with mosses and ritualistic witches ceremonies. The album was released October 25th 2019 on Cardinal Fuzz Records UK and Feeding Tube Records USA.

Abronia The Whole Of Each Eye

Keelin Mayer – tenor sax and vocals
Eric Crespo – guitar and backing vocals
Paul Schaefer – guitar
Rick Pedrosa – pedal steel
Shaun Lyvers – bass
Shaver – the big drum/percussion/melodica

Abronia The Whole Of Each Eye





By: Temple Rose

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