Follakzoid I

7.5 / 10 Unique blend of electronic, krautrock and space rock from an increasingly interesting Chilean band.


Follakzoid I is their 4th album and it goes deeper into space then ever before. The nearly ambient soundscapes generate tension and an intense drive. The music takes on an alien electronic quality to it that is highly enticing. This is an album that will delight the freak inside each of us.

Follakzoid of Chile has been releasing music since 2009 with a unique krautrock approach to electronic synth and bass music. Echoing drones, rhythmic echo slapping off each note and dark deep space vibrations are their signature.

The newest album I is no exception but this time they go more electronic and have simplified their sound. I is a fitting title in that they have landed on the essence of their personal expression. The music seems natural and effortless while being continuously interesting and subtle. There are no repeating loops all the sounds are modulating and morphing throughout for a complex tonality.

Follakzoid is a three piece band with Diego Lorca, Domingo Garcia-Huidobro, Pablo Rodríguez. They have been busy doing world tours with their captivating live performances. I expect this band will continue to create groundbreaking music uniting space rock, krautrock and electronic music.