Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O Electric Dream Ecstasy


Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O of Japan released 9 full length albums in 2018!! Electric Dream Ecstasy is the new interpretation of the classic AMT song “Electric Lady Lemonade” which has been a staple in their world-wide live performances along with exciting new tracks.
Acid Mothers Temples Electric Dream Ecstacy
Over the last 3 years Kawabata Makoto has seen his bands completely transform due to retiring members. First replacing the decades long drummer, then the bass player with 16 years in the band, then the guitarist of 10 years retired from touring. Everyone has been replaced creating a new incarnation of AMT and they are insanely skilled with Nani Satoshimi on drums, Jyonson Tsu on voice and guitar, Wolf on Bass, Higashi Hiroshi on synth and Kawabata Makoto on Lead guitar as the original members. The band is rerecording and reinterpreting classic songs which have defined the Acid Mothers Temple sound like “Electric Lady Lemonade” on Electric Dream Ecstasy; “Cometary Orbital Drive” on Hallelujah Mystic; “Flying Teapot”, “Dark Star Blues” on Reverse of Rebirth; “La Novia” on Fragmented Body or Reconstituted Soul.
Upon first listen I thought, “this is the best AMT album in years!”  AMT has hit their stride this year, the new line-up has been trained-in and the their sound has shifted with the new players. Overall, their songs are hard space rock with electronic inspired rhythms and less of the all out noise freakout, don’t worry this defining feature is still present on this album. In pairing down the noise the melodies and the band come together in a new way which is more approachable and contemporary leaning away from the acid jazz, noise, and free jazz flavors that they redefined in past incarnations. AMT has always relied upon their melodic guitar lines to define the song.
Acid Mothers Temples Electric Dream Ecstacy
One problem with this release is that the Vinyl excludes a new song “Sycamore Trees” which is included on the CD. This song stands out in the AMT portfolio with softer moments starkly contrasted with outragously awesome lead guitar behind the gentle spaghetti western foundations and whispered vocals. On tour the band said this song was composed originally with the intention of having the music placed in the HBO reboot of Twin Peaks. This song is based on “Sycamore Trees” by Jimmy Scott from the original Twin Peaks series. The song did not make it into the reboot series however, it is a beautiful song  that is likely to become a new classic in AMT’s legendary live performances.
“Electric Lady Lemonade” comes in with Nani and Wolf on Rhythm showing the electronic music community that machines are not needed to create these complex beats. The songs is built on a repeating guitar part which builds and slowly evolves until it’s taken to ecstatic heights with bubbling hot guitars echoing through the cosmos. The bass and drums are world class on this track. Wolf lays down the sickest bass line in psych music today while Nani on drums reminds the world what is possible with impressive and technicals drum parts.
Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O, Electric Dream Ecstasy is an awesome album! The only way it could be better is if the vinyl versions had included “Sycamore Trees”. AMT has changed music over the last 30 years and every album is special and inspired but the albums from 2018 are especially enjoyable. Electric Dream Ecstasy introduces new classics and reinterpretations of an old favorite. This album is made to impress from one of the most impressive bands on Earth. Pick up a copy… wait it’s Acid Mothers Temple which means it sold out in pre-sale, better to be in the know for next time!!!


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