BIRDS Everything All At Once

Brooklyn’s BIRDS debut LP ‘Everything All At Once’ is due out on August 18th, 2017 via ‘Greenway Records’. This album is filled with indie/alternative rock with catchy hooks and psychedelic sensibilities. It has a timeless feel drawing inspiration from every decade of rock music. Featuring fuzzy riffs, 90’s rock, 80’s choruses, memorable pop appeal, and moments of psychedelic jamming.


Their first single ‘Get Away’ has bright guitars and smooth vocal harmonies highlighting their pop sensibilities. In the opening track ‘See It All’ there are influences from The Smashing Pumpkins mixed with My Bloody Valentine.  Vibrato and delayed guitar make for early post-rock washes with catchy melodies drawing up memories of the 1990’s. The album is filled with this type of musical blending.  The cross-fading of different styles and influences from their musical lexicon makes for a unique brew.  ‘Everyday’ has a Kurt Vile swagger on the vocals and dreamy chorus with synth-like guitars and sparkling keys.  In ‘Slow Time’ BIRDS get a bit weird tipping their hat to the fuzzy spaced-out rock of yesteryear. The album is filled with heavily delayed and reverberated guitar lines paired with danceable rhythm parts.

On ‘Everything All At Once’ BIRDS show off their diverse musical influences and seem to pack their whole record collection into the album. Many new bands explore a variety of different styles to establish what becomes their own unique sound. This process is on full display as they explore an ‘Everything All At Once’ approach to album writing. This blending and mixing of genres give a little something for nearly any listener and places BIRDS in their own place in contemporary indie rock.

BIRDS are made up of Duane Lauginiger on guitar and vocals, Jessica Reynoza on bass and vocals. Jess Rees kicks out the rock on guitar and Tim Plunkett lays out the drums. They are out of Brooklyn, New York. Duane Lauginiger runs a basement studio called, Time Castle, where the album was written. The album was recorded by Paul Kostabi at Thunderdome Studios.

The LP is being released on limited edition splatter vinyl on Greenway Records. BIRDS have also released a series of 7” singles on Greenway Records building momentum for their tour and full-length release. ‘Everything All At Once’ will also be on limited edition cassette followed by USA tour dates.


BIRDS are clearly something to be excited about with talented songwriters and musicians who will likely develop and evolve to ever greater heights. “Everything All At Once” has shining moments of pop sensibilities to experimental passages making for a diverse sampler of musical styles. This can give way to times when the listener may forget exactly who they are listening to as the album goes to unpredictable places leaving surprises for the audience. The songs have many rich moments with catchy riffs and vocals. The hooks spin around inside your head for days after listening, begging the listener to play it again.


‘Everything All At Once’ is out on August 28th 2017 via Greenway Records.

BIRDS Everything All At Once

  1. Everyday
  2. Falling
  3. Get Away
  4. Home Home
  5. I Can’t Wait
  6. Scatter
  7. See It All
  8. Slow Time




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