Moon Duo Stars Are The Light

9 / 10 Upbeat electro dance psychedelic rock with impressive guitar and synth

Moon Duo

Moon Duo Stars Are The Light is another indispensable gem with awesome synth and incredible guitar lines and effects. The whole band is in on the vocals this time around with the signature far away echo reverb effects to blow your mind. This album mixes psychedelic rock guitar lines with electro synth, live drums and beat machines. The music is upbeat, bright, dancable, futuristic and retro.

Sanae Yamada is one of the best keyboardist / synth goddesses in the underground rock scene. Her nimble fingers punch out Euro dance synth bass and sparkling modulated and filtered oscillations. On this album the Sanae Yamada takes lead vocals and is vocally harmonizing on every song.  I love the upbeat sounds she is kicking out on Stars Are The Light.

Vive la Void Sanea

Ripley Johnson lays out guitar tones which sound electronic and futuristic. His clean repeating echo, phasers, reverb, fuzz, drive, harmonic octaves and beautiful wah tones that give it the tone its secret sauce. The lush effects blend with Sanae Yamada‘s keys for an immersive electro-dance rock sound that is distinctive and inspiring.

Moon Duo is changing the game with their integrations of electronics beat machines and live drums in a dance rock setting that is experimental and highly artistic. This album is very good and is a welcomed bit of upbeat sun shine in an otherwise heavy themed genre.

The Moon Duo has tour dates posted to support the album make sure you check them out.


By: Temple Rose

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