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Night beats has been touring USA and Europe on the wings of their latest release “Who Sold Our Generation.” This album captures the band in an energetic live studio session produced by Fuzz Club. The album features the three piece band doing one take recordings recorded on all analogue tape. They play songs from their latest album and two rock & roll covers.

Night Beats has a psychedelic sound which is true to Austin, Texas bands like 13th Floor Elevators, and The Black Angels. They integrate classic R&B for a psychedelic brew with fuzzed out leads and energized vocals.  This band is guitar forward and the listener is continuously rewarded by the rhythm section and lead guitar playing.

The band consists of Danny Lee Blackwell on guitar, vocal, Robert Levon Been on bass and vocal, James Traeger on drums. Danny Lee Blackwell started the band in Seattle, Washington and later relocated to Austin, Texas. The band has had several line-up changes since 2011.


“No Cops” is the first single from “Who Sold Our Generation”. This “live” version of the song is energetic with hot leads and plenty of reverb. “Sunday Morning” has a fast tempo, the chorus repeating “You say, you say, you say what you want!” building energy into hot cutting guitar solos with burning fuzz distortion. “Burn to Breathe” slowly slinks up with a R&B rhythm part. Blackwells dynamics on the guitar with the melody is delicious. “Love Ain’t Strange (Everything Else Is)” has Robert on lead vocal and is a cover of an old R&B tune. The bass lines really bump along as the guitarist uses lots of dynamic on the rhythm parts and slathers on the fuzz for repeated leads.  The song takes on a punk rock feel with the yelled driving vocals.

“Mama, keep Your Big Mouth Shut” by Chuck Berry has the whole band lending vocals and interchanging lead vocalists. “Bad Love” is integrating in vintage sounds with contemporary rock and psych. The fast picked rhythm guitar and sassy leads are great on this bad bad lover. “Power Child” ends the album with a bang blowing the roof off the studio, leaving the whole world wanting more from this amazing band.



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