Dreamtime Tidal Mind

8.5 / 10  Crystalline ritual of psychedelic sci-fi, prog-rock

Dreamtime Band

Dreamtime’s Tidal Mind is an exciting ritualistic psychedelic journey proclaiming the dawn of the age of Aquarius.  This crystalline sci-fi, prog-rock powered starship features music unlike any other. It plays like a lost relic of the early 1970’s with warm analogue tones, sci-fi synth, and a new age cult feel that brings to mind bands like Yahowah 13 and The Source Family but far less fanatical. Mind-melting guitar effects and a variety of musical styles flow together creating a complete story-line for the album.

The mystical star travel adventure presented on Tidal Mind is like Star-Trek, meets Dark Crystal on LSD to describe it visually. The Analogue synth digs out classic tones with wonderful modulation and space-age sounds giving the album a futuristic edge.

The guitars are layered with high quality effects creating new unique tones which would have not been possible even just a few years ago. The album has spoken word and voice-overs which have been growing in popularity in all popular genres of music. The voice-over sections are pretty tripping with strange effects giving the words and alien character.

Tidal Mind is the fourth album from Brisbane Australia band Dreamtime. The album is inspired by the structure of nature. “Studying the interactions of liquids, plants and creatures of sea, DREAMTIME have listened carefully to the deep sounds of dark depths.” – Cardinal Fuzz. Album release on May 15 2019 via Cardinal Fuzz (Europe), Little Cloud Recordings (USA), and TYM Records (Australia). Released in limited edition of 750 pressings in gatefold sleeve.


Dreamtime is:

Zac Anderson: Guitar / Vocals

Fergus Smith:Guitar / Synthesizer Shahi Banja

Tara Wardrop: Drums / Bells

Micheal Grinstead: Bass

Ricky Turner: Synthesizer






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