Lunar Moth Self-Titled EP

8 / 10 Raw Alternative Psychedelic Garage Rock

Lunar Moth Band

Lunar Moth‘s Self-Titled EP is raw alternative garage rock with psychedelic appeal. Lunar Moth is an indie rock and psychedelic garage rock band from Madison, Wisconsin USA.  This debut album is the latest project featuring Amber Fasula on vocals formerly of A Well Known Secret. Fasula has an airy, strong vocal style with a beautiful blend of 1960’s summer of love style rock with a grungey alternative rock attitude. Her vocals are a big highlight on the album. Lunar Moth’s Self-Titled EP was released on August 15th 2019 on Fuzz Tapes out of Madison, Wisconsin.

The band formed in March of 2019, just a few months before recording this album.

Lunar Moth started gigging out in March… including with NYC garage rock outfit The Mystery Lights… The album was recorded in 2 days and later mixed and mastered over a 24 hour period keeping it raw and defined with a focus on using vintage gear wherever possible”- Gage Brunes 

Lunar Moth Band

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Lunar Moth Drummer Gage Brunes. The artwork and design is by Amber Fasula, the vocalist. Amber and Gage also run Fuzz Tapes and have been working with underground rock bands across the Midwest organizing regional tours and offering mixing and mastering services.

Lunar Moth has an awesome psychedelic-surf-grunge-garage-rock style. Their music seems to be drawing from the well of vintage rock that drove people like Kurt Cobain to stardom like vintage garage rock, surf reverb, and angst. The music is awesome and I am excited to see what happens when they go back into the studio later this year for their first full-length album.


Blog by: Temple Rose

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