Gnod Chapel Perilous



Chapel Perilous is the sonic image of an industrial death machine lined with mechanical vultures picking flesh from the scorched Earth while the gods of nothingness draw the souls into their void through echoing tunnels of insane bewilderment.

Gnod is a heavy experimental collective that never waits longer than a year between releases with over 25 albums in 10 years. The artistic music is dark and often highlights the apocalyptic aspects of current global politics. The band is clearly opposed to fascism and right wing fantasies (thank god) expressed most clearly with the 2017 album title, Just Say no To The Psycho Right-Wing Fascist Industrial Death Machine.

Gnod Chapel Perilous opens with “Donovan’s Daughter” a 20 minute industrial rock masterpiece. This song has dirty echo thick vocals which seem to scream into an endless void of intensity burning into self-oscillation for maximum disorientation. Gnod lays all their cards in this track letting the listener know that they better hold on the ledge before the Chapel Perilous tears them apart.

In psychedelic terms this album is the malstrom, a darkness that holds the collective suffering, trauma and the consumption to of violence. This album is the “bad trip” where the psychonaught loses their constructs of reality and is left to fry in the bubbling collective unconscious suffering of humanity and the crawling extinction of the natural world.

Chapel Perilous is an artistic album with dark themes and a deep well of inspiration. receives a 8.5/10 greatly due to their creative genius.

Gnod Chapel Perilous