The Cult of Lip’s debut 7” is high energy filled with twisted guitars and layers of effects. The punk rock rhythm section drives the sound as echoing vocals with indistinguishable lyrics and tons of attitude. The dense guitar sound is laced with vibrato and thrashing energy. They have an experimental approach filled with new sounds swirling through a network of guitar pedals. It draws from early shoegaze, psychedelic rock, drone and swirls it together like a liquid light show inside a tilt-a-whirl.

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The Cult Of Lip

Right Now

  1. Center
  2.  Afternoon
  3. Stab
  4. In general
  5. Fog

Released April 21, 2016

“Center” recorded at Flowers Studio, engineered by Kris Johnson, Mixed by Ed Ackerson

All other songs recorded and mixed in Minneapolis by Ronnie Lee

All tracks by the Cult of Lip

Originally released on cassette by No Problem Records in 2015, was re-recorded/updated and pressed to 7″ in 2016 by MPLS LTD.

The Cult of Lip Photo by: T. Hans



Article by: Temple Rose