The Janitors 15 Years Of Fuzz And Folkol

The Janitors 15 Years Of Fuzz And Folkol is a compilation of 15 years of unreleased shoegaze, punk, and alternative psychedelic rock from Sweden. The music is heavy and filled with distortion which bubbles on the edge of losing control and fracturing into textured feedback, which it often does, but this is not the end of the story. Over 15 years the music has seen many variations from all out distorted blast to slower tracks with choral backing vocals. The variety makes the album very enjoyable because the music shifts and changes over 15 years in 40 minutes.
Many songs starts and end with brutal feedback and combine influence from punk, psychedelic 60’s, with sludgy riffs with an edgy treble boosted tone. The vocals are perfectly placed in the mix with a shoegaze feel that artists are replicating today. The best comparison maybe with the earlier albums of Jesus and Mary Chain. I personally cannot decide if I prefer the menacing heavy rock or the pop oriented music on this compilation both are highly inspired and interesting. This album is excellent thanks to Cardinal Fuzz & Little Cloud Recordings for reissuing on yellow vinyl with 9 tracks and an addition 80 minutes of music available using the download card.

The press release from cardinal Fuzz states: “The Janitors cherry picked 23 songs (all included on the digital download) that have never been released on any of their many LPs/EPs or singles. The Janitors then did battle with Dave (Cardinal Fuzz) and Mike (Little Cloud Records) in nailing down these 9 tracks that ended up on the vinyl edition of ‘15 Years of Fuzz and Folköl’. Afterwards, we all dusted ourselves down and wondered how these tracks had ever fallen through the cracks – It may just become your favourite Janitors release so far.”
This upcoming album is lated to be released April 19th 2019 the first studio album since the full length Horn Ur Marken in 2017 also on Cardinal Fuzz. Awesome compilation of The Janitors underground rock.