Ecstatic Vision For The Masses

7 / 10 Heavy trance inducing rock that is an evolution of the 1970’s Space rock scene.


Ecstatic Vision For The Masses is a trip through space with 1970’s space rock influences that tip the hat to Hawkwind. The music is layered and experimental creating a jungle of outsider sounds to decipher. When lead instruments come forward from the mix the results are spectacular.

Released on Heavy Psych Sounds in September 2019.

Ecstatic Vision was formed in Philadelphia USA in 2013 and released their first album Sonic Praise in 2015. They have been making 1970 space rock inspired music throughout. They are often compared to Hawkwind and Amon Düül II from the 1970’s but Ecstatic Vision is the evolution of those inspirations.

The music has distorted and echoing man vocals with distinctively tribal trance drum and bass groove. The guitars and synth effects layer in over this driving foundation. The layers of instrumentation make for complex sound with swirling synth and trailing echoes creating a continuous background sound.

When the lead guitar breaks through the mix it is brilliant and ecstatic.