Vibravoid A Night At The Museum Review:

Vibravoid is a psychedelic rock band with kaleidoscopic liquid light oozing from their entire being. The music is a projector transmitting waves of transcendent experience into the mind of the listener pushing them out of their head into far-out vistas. Vibravoid is classic psychedelic music without heavy metal influences. This album is a golden ticket to elevated consciousness and paisley patterned visions. The band has clear influences from Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, Can, Ash Ra Tempel, and 1960’s psychedelia.  ‘A Night At The Museum’ captures their live sound on a triple LP with everything a psychedelic rock connoisseur could want from a live performance; fuzzy guitar solos, vintage organs, and lysergic songs performed with energy and passion. As a whole the album is continuously engaging and exciting.

A Night At The Museum’ presents the history of the early psychedelic era. It was performed and recorded live at the Film Museum in Dusseldorf on March 25th 2017. The set starts off with a heavy psych rendition of ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ by The Beatles filled with echo, hard driven bass lines and wah-wah guitar solos. They have tightly rehearsed arrangements which include the bands distinctive flare in each piece. It features a Pink Floyd 1967 tribute with ‘Interstellar Overdrive’, ‘Astronomy Domaine’, and ‘Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun’ played sequentially, a rare treat.


The album has contemporary experimental sounds encapsulated in original compositions. Songs like ‘Alpha Wave’ and ‘Black and White’ blend well into the vintage cover tunes with tear drop guitars, vintage wah tones and some of the best organ arrangements heard since Ray Manzarek of The DoorsVibravoid is guitar driven with a continuous flow of exciting sounds which never bleed over into stoner rock, doom or heavy metal but stay recognizably vintage throughout. Although the retro rock influences are pronounced the music has a contemporary feel and is not for old men trying to relive the past. It is fresh, exciting and builds tension and intensity that is not found in the 1960’s rock lexicon.

Vibravoid’s first release was in the year 2000 and they have since released over 47 albums. They have played over 1000 live concerts with light shows and uncompromising commitment to the psych scene. They have put out over 20 limited edition live albums which always sell out immediately. Germany has been a hotbed for space-rock, psychedelic experimentation, and electronic music since the early 1970’s. It appears that their psychedelic music scene continues to produce incredible music up to the present day.


Vibravoid’s ‘A Night At The Museum’ totals over two hours in length with unrelentingly focused and inspired performances. It may be too much to digest in one sitting, however, each disc is deeply rewarding and it is impossible to choose a favorite side. It is impressive that the band can make each song sound congruent with so much diversity. The cover songs are instantly recognizable, however, the arrangements have Vibravoid’s distinctive touch. The original songs are all interesting and well played. It is easy to forget that this is a live recording with the precise execution of each song and the sustained engagement throughout.

For fans of psychedelic music Vibravoid is a must have and should not be overlooked. Their music is virtually unknown in the USA despite the psychedelic revival that is exploding at the moment. To all you music lovers out there ‘tune in’ and get Vibravoid on your turntable!

Vibravoid A Night At The Museum

  1. Tomorrow Never Knows (The Beatles)
  2. Magic Mirror (Aphrodite’s Child)
  3. Alpha wave
  4. Rheinflow
  5. Incense And Peppermints (Strawberry Alarm Clock)
  6. Colour Your Mind
  7. In A Gadda Da Vida (Iron Butterfly)
  8. Interstellar Overdrive (Pink Floyd)
  9. Astronomy Domaine (Pink Floyd)
  10. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Pink Floyd)
  11. Ballspeaker
  12. Black and White
  13. Listen Can’t You Hear
  14. Playing With Beuys
  15. Doris Delay
  16. Mother Sky (Can)

Limited edition of 500. Recorded Live on March 25, 2017. Recorded and produced by Vibravoid. Released June 12th 2017 in Germany on Krauted Mind Records.

Vibravoid is: Christian Koch, Dario Treese, Frank Matenaar

Purchase the album at Krauted Mind Records online

Vibravoid Official Website

Vibravoid’s label Stoned Karma

Article by: Temple Rose


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