Dungen & Woods
Myths 003

dungen woods myths 003

Dungen & Woods collaborate on ‘Myths 003’ brought to you by Mexican Summer Records and Myth Mafia released March 16th, 2018. Jeremy Earl and Jarvis Taveniere of the New York-based folk-rock experiment that is known as Woods teamed up with Gustav Estates and Reine Fiske of Swedish electronic rock band Dungen. The trance-inducing flow of the auditory textures washes over the listener with this lush collaboration. The arrangements richly layered, the tone is balanced without any jarring or harsh noise sounds. The two collaborating groups have merged to create a complex soundscape that highlights each band individually and creates something new.

The song ‘Turnaround’ written by Jeremy Earl of Woods has a sweet melody layered arrangements with keys, organs, and guitars. With folk and pop is characteristic of Earl’s songwriting on previous Woods releases. However, the arrangements are full of depth and new sounds that Woods alone would not have produced. The two bands add flavor to each other’s sound. On ‘Jagville Vakvar’ Dungen has the reigns with lush keys and electronic arrangements with pop vocal melodies in Swedish. It has a futuristic feel with high-frequency LFOs and shimmering synths stacked on a reverb-drenched piano melody. Jarvis Taveniere woods adds an incredible bass performance to the mix. The sounds meld together with ease and finesse as these musicians take the listener through a broad sonic landscape. The sounds rangle up the darkness of the Texas desert and open to the vastness of the sky and the cosmos.

Myths 003 is primarily instrumental infused with flutes, horns, guitars, organs, keys, harps and electronics. The music has a cinematic feel. The album feels a bit short, yet it runs for about 30 minutes; its as though there is more to the story. It takes the listener through the sun-filled day into the cosmic ladder of night, leaving no choice but to flip back to the first side.

Woods and Dungen
Myths 003

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