Best Of 2019 Space Rock:

2019 might have been the most prolific year ever for psychedelic rock and its various interrelated sub-genres!!

Acid Mother Temple released some of the best experimental psych rock of the decade in 2019, Vibravoid continues to be one of the best psych bands on Earth, Moon Duo blew me away and the light ship live show was so sick! Acid Rooster came out of nowhere with their stunning debut and Electric Moon reissued old albums and released a few new ones too for a busy year.

2019 was one of the most prolific years I have seen for this genre!

There are more psychedelic best of 2019 lists to come including best psychedelic Garage Rock and Best Psychedelic Experimental Folk , Best Live Shows, Best Live Album, Best Heavy Pscyh. Making many lists is the only way to highlight the amazing mushroom bloom of incredible psychedelic music in 2019.

Best Of 2019 Space Rock:

1. Acid Mother Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O How was The Decisive Moment Recorded? (Japan, Max Hazard Records)

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO How Was The Decisive Moment Recorded?

Acid Mothers Temple is amazing I love this band and they continue to be one of the best and most prolific bands in the solar system. This year they released some of the best experimental music made in the last 10 years the current line-up is spilling out psychedelic music of the highest weirdness. This live album is everything I want from Acid Mother Temple loud and quite gentle and brutal. As usual the number 1 slot goes to a niche with-in a niche, an established underground band of mystic masters of unknowness.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO How Was The Decisive Moment Recorded?

2. Moon Duo Stars Are The Light (Portland USA / Sacred Bones Records)

Moon Duo Stars Are The Light

Moon Duo continues to be best of the best year after year. Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips and Rose City Band is so in sync with synth witch Sanae Yamada‘s that the two instrumets blend to perfection. They are making game changing Psychedelic synth rock! This album is one of their most electronic and most chill but it might be the best! Also one of the best live shows of the year the light show was out of this world!

Moon Duo Stars Are The Light

3. Vibravoid Intergalactic Acid Freak Out Orgasms (Germany, Stoned Karma)

Vibravoid Intergalactic

Vibravoid are legends of psychedelic rock and they keep the liquid light show rolling with great releases each year. This live album is no exception and features mind blowing original songs and a few early Pink Floyd covers that are amazing. One of my favorites of the year!

Vibravoid Intergalactic Acid Freak Out Orgasms

4. Zone Six Kozmic Koon (Germany, Sulatron Records)


Zone Six Kozmik Koon is a deep space odyssey with ambient glitter and drudgy stoner space rock. The sound is beautiful to listen to the balance of synth guitars and rhythm is tight and free. This is a band with experience and it shows in all the best possible ways. their technical skill combined with their free improvisational creativity is a pleasure to listen too. This is very music what space rock is today.

5. Dreamtime Tidal Mind (Australian / Cardinal Fuzz)

Dreamtime Tidal Mind

Dreamtime was an unexpected album that kept come back to the record player again and again. At first I overlooked this album but its wonderful blend of space rock, psych and sci-fi technicolor flavor won me over big time. Passes the Acid Test!

Dreamtime Tidal Mind

6. Acid Rooster (German, Sunhair Music)

Acid Rooster

Damn, Acid Rooster where did you come from? This album is great one of the best debuts I have heard in sometime. This is a must hear underground band! their liquid smooth guitar leads, synth overlays and twisted effects all meld into a beautiful wall of psychedelic rock of the highest degree.

Acid Rooster

7. Anunnaki Immanentize The Eschaton (Canadians: Cardinal Fuzz UK)

Anunnaki Immanentize the Eschaton

Anunnaki Immanentize The Eschaton is space rock with a hint of Stoner Doom and Kosmisch. Modular synth double necked guitar with gritty fuzzy stoner rock and beautiful blissed out snyth and echo journeys. Occult Stoner Kosmic space.

Anunnaki Immanentize The Eschaton

8. Psychic Lemon Freak Mammal (UK, Drone Rock Records)

Psychic Lemon

Psychic Lemon Freak Mammal is a far out album with extraterestrial guitars and gritty home recorded inspiration. It is an echoing signal to the outer reaches. This music gets weird and produces incredible psych rock tones unlike any other. Space Rock and Heavy Psych.

Psychic Lemon Freak Mammal

9. 10,000 Russos Kompromat (Portugal, Fuzz Club)


10,000 Russos Kompromat is uncompromising heavy psychedelic rock with an electronic heart. The music intense, dark and addictive.  The unsettling sound features ominous droning electronics, precise mechanical rhythms both human and machine. The vocals are surrounded with dark echoes announcing the coming of the age of death. This is crazy awesome if I had discovered before today it would certainly move up on the list.

10. Comacozer Mydrisis (Sydney Australia, Headspin Records)


Comacozer Mydrisis uses esoteric psychedelic terms to define it’s music and with good reason. This stoner rock album wrapped in the stars of night pumps out 4 tracks of dynamic psych which goes from stoner drudge to ambient synth and back again. Its a wild ride buckle up!

Comacozer Mydrisis

11. Acid Mother Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O Invisible Eyes and Phantom Cathedral  / Sacred and Inviolable Phase Shift  (Japan/ Bam Balam Records France)


Acid Mothers Temple  with Part 2 of The Sacred and Inviolable Phase Shift Invisible Eyes and Phantom Cathedral. This album is a unque side of acid mother temple which is a little more chill yet complete off kilter and weird in the melting walls state of mind. Acid Mothers is amazing they will get you eventually.  Also #1 longest title for psych rock album 10th year running.

12. Acid Mother Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O Hallelujah Mystic Garden Part Two (Japan / Imprec Records USA)


Do you like Acid Mother Temples classic songs which they play live each year? The Mystic Garden Series is for you. They take their best songs and reinterpret them in brilliant shining ways along with some new track to keep it booming.


13. Dhidalah Threshold (Tokyo, Japan; Guruguru Brain Records)


Dhidalah is an awesome band from Japan on Kikagaku Moyo’s records label Guruguru Brain. Psychedelic rock with some space rock elements played at a high level with DIY appeal.

Dhidalah Threshold

14. Electric Moon / Terminal Cheesecake In Search Of Highs Volume Three (Germany / Riot Season Records (UK)

Electric Moon Terminal Cheesecake

Electric Moon is my definition of contemporary space rock and as such they can do no wrong releasing killer albums one after another. This split is a real treat as it includes the Terminal Cheesecake on the B side for extra fuzzy and dark pleasures. This is crazy most years every one of these albums would be #1 but 2019 is space rock heaven.

Electric Moon Terminal Cheesecake In Search Of Highs Volume Three

15. Minami Deutsch – Can’t Get There EP (Japan, Höga Nord Rekords)


Minami Deutsch really blew me away at the Filmore In San Francisco opening for Kikagaku Moyo. They are an emerging band with a killer krautrock Japanese psych sound. Keeping my eyes out for the next full length!

16. Cosmic Dead Scottish Space Race (UK, Riot Season Records)

The Cosmic Dead

The Cosmic Dead Scottish Space Race is the heaviest space rock album in the world. They achieve this sound by being dangerously creative. This is a true mind melting feast of the ears.

The Cosmic Dead Scottish Space Race

17. Suzki Junzo & Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska The Ascended Master Teachings Of Suzuki Junzo and Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska (UK, Cardinal Fuzz)

Suzuki Junzo & Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska The Ascended Master Teachings

Do you Like krautrock, psychedelic Rock and Space rock then you will enjoy this album! This is 2LPs of none stop awesome rock music and certainly one of my favorites of the year.

Suzuki Junzo & Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska The Ascended Master Teachings Of Suzuki Junzo and Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska

18. Minami Deutsch and Damo Suzuki – Live At Roadburn Festival (Japan / Fuzz Club Records UK)


Legendary improvisational singer Damo Suzuki of CAN teams up with Minami Deutsch for krautrock heaven with droning rhythm and mind melting guitars.

19. Follakzoid – I (Chile, Sacred Bones Records USA)


Follakzoid of Chile goes to the source with deep space electronic music that is fuzz and rock derived.

20. Centrum För Meditation (Sweden, Rocket Records, Svensk Psych Aften)


Centrum För Meditation is a great droning space rock album with psychedelic flair. The music is transcendent allowing for pastoral listening that slowly bubbles up with psychedelic guitars and world instruments, however the sound stays smooth and listenable avoiding any harsh or explosive noise.


21. Earth – Full Upon Her Burning Lips (Seattle, Washington / Sargent House Records)