Muun Bato

8.5 / 10 Dreamy indie rock with psychedelic embellishment and strong songwriting.

Muun Bato


Muun Bato’s debut LP is outstanding with lush arrangements, impressive songwriting and deep sonic atmospheres. In the style of alternative dream pop with shoegaze, garage rock. The songs vary from subtle and atmospheric to full-out distorted space rock. The music is performed with a collaborative excitement expressing a unique synergy. Muun Bato’s self-titled album is being self released available on October 14th 2019; This is the best self-released album on the blog!

Muun Bato is a shoegaze indie psychedelic rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. The line-up is a super group of midwest musicians in shoegaze and psych rock scene including members of Driftwood Pyre, First Communion Afterparty, Bridge Club and the Flavor Crystals to name a few of the former projects.

Joe Werner lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of Muun Bato started the group in 2018 with a series of new songs. The band has varied in size ranging from a 4 piece to a 6 piece line-up for live performances. Andy Iwanin is on drums, Vince Caro on guitar and backing vocal, T.S. Ritter on Bass and Synth, and Thomas Strommen on sax.

Vince Caro is a founding member of the Flavor Crystals bringing his distinctive effects heavy shoegaze guitar arrangements to the mix as well as backing vocals. The synth and organ create subtle textures in the compositions.

Muun Bato has found its own space by integrating elements of alternative rock, dream pop, shoegaze and garage rock. This music could appeal to fans from many different genres and is an example of the underground trend toward integrating 1990’s and early 2000’s alternative and psychedelic rock with indie dream pop, 80’s goth and electronic arrangements.

The songwriting on the album is excellent and the arrangements at times are so mindful that I am reminded of Radiohead‘s arrangements on Kid A where many instruments blend together to make one full luscious tone.  At other times Muun Bato goes into sounds like Nirvana, Slow Dive, Pink Floyd, Acid Mothers Temple, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. The album has psychedelic rock tones crossing genres while maintaining a distinctive sound. Very impressive first album from Muun Bato.

*post was updated on Dec 11th 2019 to remove a band member and all references to their musical projects.

Blog by: Temple Rose

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