Astral Son Wonderful Beyond



Astral Son of the Netherlands released Wonderful Beyond in 2018 an album with excellent Acid Folk released on Sulatron Records.  This is Leonardo Wijma‘s fourth album under Astral Son. He has the vintage sounds of yesteryear modernized for a new time.  The early Pink Floyd and British 1960’s sound fills the album with whimsy and spiritual lyrics.

Wonderful Beyond is charming, naive and inspiring. Featuring intelligent use of filter sweeps, tremolo, synth, echo and fuzz. The guitar uses vintage tones to create a 1960’s rock sound with synthesizers to match. The vocals are in the fore with a folky male vocals with an added dose of flower power and daisies for flair.

Their lyrics are about spiritual, energetic, and transcendent themes. Outer space, the matrix, open minds, changing reality, magic and other inspired themes soilidify the surrealist vision.


Astral Son Wonderful Beyond