Chris Forsyth All Time Present

8 / 10 Awesome psychedelic rock album with beautiful clear tones and music that will cause your walls to ripple as if a stone was tossed into water.


Chris Forsyth All Time Present is inspiring psychedelic rock music, Chris Forsyth has a refined sonic aesthetic that is a pleasure to listen to.  If this was a drug it would be a pure psychedelic with a clear clean high that can become overwhelmingly mind expanding and crystalline beautiful.

It goes from clean guitar drones to layered space rock jams with glittering guitar tones that blow-up into fluid experimental rock. Vocals act both as traditional verses and as harmonizing instruments adding to the surrealistic landscapes.

The music is a unique combination of 70’s rock, Velvet Underground, with psychedelic space rock, early Pink Floyd, Six Organs Of Admittance and plenty for flavors that are all his own. Acoustic guitars played in the American primitive style make an appearance in this epic journey along with a number of other approaches to a variety of electric and acoustic string instruments throughout the album. Chris Forsyth includes elements for all the various periods of his career on this album.

All Time Present is very clean well recorded incredible tones with the vocals and all the instruments. So much psychedelic rock is from smaller bands with a dirty sound but Chris Forsyth has a refined sonic aesthetic that is a pleasure to listen to.

Chris Forsyth of Solar Motel Band has been releasing music since 1998 known for his psychedelic guitar playing and as a songwriter. He has gone from full bands to solo guitar player and back. This is a musician who knows how to make great music and All Time Present has him making psychedelic indie rock with freedom of expression in dabs.

The songs on All Time Present have drama and build to climatic heights. Following the track-list is difficult as the songs bleed into one another and many songs have hard changes in direction that some how feel natural. For example, the 10 minute Dream Song is one of my favorites from the album as it freely moves into spacey echoing atmospheres, to blazing guitar solos, to a verse with harmonizing vocals. Truly a wonderful ride.

released April 12, 2019

Produced by Brucie Millions

Chris Forsyth – guitar, vocal, Space Echo
Shawn Edward Hansen – Prophet 12, Mellotron, piano, saxophone
Ryan Jewell – drums, percussion
Peter Kerlin – bass guitar
Rosali Middleman – vocal on (4)
Jeff Zeigler – Onde Magnétique on (5)

Recorded & Mixed in seven days by Jeff Zeigler at Kawari Sound, Wyncote PA, October 2018 & Uniform Recording, Philadelphia PA, November-December 2018
Assistant Engineer, Kawari: Zach Goldstein

Artwork & Design by Robert Beatty

All songs by Chris Forsyth, except (7) Forsyth/Hansen, (8) by Forsyth / Hansen / Jewell / Kerlin, and (8) by Forsyth / Hansen / Jewell / Kerlin / Robira

All music (c) 2019 by Chris Forsyth, Prospect Heights Music (ASCAP)
All rights administered by Domino Publishing Company of America, Inc.