Levitation Room Headspace

8.5 / 10 Sun bleached California retro garage rock of the highest order!

Levitation Room

Headspace is the latest from Los Angeles’s psychedelic sunshine garage rockers Levitation Room. Their sound is British Invasion 1960’s rock with contemporary California surf-gaze.The fuzz vintage guitar tones are dreamy and the steady keys and organ are sun bleached with retro L.A. flavor. The vocals drift, echo and phase and the arrangements build together for a full spectrum sound.

The first single from the album is “Mr. Polydactyl Cat”, upbeat organ, saturated gritty 60’s style fuzz and dreamy airy vocals. The song radiates California daydreams under a soft psychedelic haze like The Doors from days of old. Headspace is available October 4th 2019 from Greenway Records.

Levitation Room

Headspace is a tribute to the California psychedelic 60’s with rock, R&B, surf, eastern infused raga rock, and elements of psychedelic acid folk. Levitation Room takes The Doors, The Human Expression, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Velvet Underground and boils in Allah-las, Mystic Braves, Jesus Mary Chain, with a dash of 1990’s flavor and big splash something extra special which is all their own.

Levitation Room formed in 2012 in East LA with Julian Porte, Gabriel Fernandez, Johnathan Martin and Brandon Graham. Their first demo was Levitation Room Vol. 1 (2014) followed by the debut EP Minds of Our Own released on Burger Records. At this point Glenn Brigman who help record the first EP joined the band leading to the release of ‘Ethos’ their first full length album in 2016. Headspace is the second full-length from Levitation Room and is an excellent addition to this strong discography of music.





By Temple Rose

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