Flavor Crystals / Telescopes Split



This Split pairs two underground shoe-gaze / psychedelic rock artists each contributing one side track. This is a atmospheric out of the box album and you will find no verses or chorus here.

The Flavor Crystals song “Von Trier Flakes” begins with lush guitar tones echoing into an expansive space in the vein of shoe-gaze, post-rock and expansive psychedelic sounds. It is a great chill track with intricate and well balanced music never abrasive but always rich and evolving; it’s a real treat for those who love delay and reverb! The rhythm section slowly builds and drives the songs forward as the layers of delay splash against the walls in a deep cavern. Guitars reach into the expanse leading the listener into a meditative space. The song’s swelling sound trails off into trembling bass with a tremolo. Guitars chime in and the Moog begins an electronic alien soundscape reminiscent of the band SURVIVE. The song again reconstructs itself with guitars running through stacked delays for an ambiance with the sense of dreams and astral projection.


The Telescopes unveil a song entitled, ‘The Living Things’. This song is a long droning track with much darker and more brooding pulse then the Flavor Crystals. The synth and electric hums bubble underneath echoing droning vocals. It brings to mind music by Sunn))), Throbbing Gristle and is laced with DOOM.  The track slowly adds dissonant notes and repeating sounds which creates a scene of dark images, dissociation, surreal horrors and ceilings slowly oozing with viscous black fluid.


Released September 27, 2016

Artwork by Brittany Solberg.






Article by: Temple Rose