Entranced Earth is a spaced out music with a heavy psychedelic feel. This is the perfect album for closing the eyes and being transported on a shamanic journey. Turmoil, beauty, and layers of instruments create and ever moving soundscape leading you to float through the clouds of the mind.  The album as a whole is a beautiful trip and some of the track individually create beautiful imagery like a film. An album like this does not translate well to internet streaming and youtube video because of the subtle interplay between instruments.

The Myrrors formed in 2007 when its members were still in high school. Their first album “Burning Circle in the Sky” was released in 2008 on 50 homemade CD-Rs then in 2014 was reissued on the UK based label Fuzz Club. That first album was home recorded when the members were roughly 17 years of age.  Now they are releasing albums through Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records a psych label out of Brooklyn New York. These guys make amazing music and I for one am excited to see what comes next.


“Mountains Mourning” starts softly like crickets in the mountains with chimes a sanctuary. “Liberty Is in the Street” comes in strong with horns, bass, rock beat and distant echoing chant like vocals. Guitars fuzz out and embark on an epic instrumental jam which fades to the chirping of birds. “No Clear Light” comes in with exotic sounding strings and droning horns quietly.  Softly the vocals enter coming through the mosses and the ferns of an enchanted forest where witches dance. The ritualistic vibes is complete with cooing flutes echoing over the ancient pyramids and deserts.  Entranced Earth builds the instrumentation to create a thick sound organically melting then fade to bells and flutes.

“Tallos” starts softly and slowly increases in volume, the flutes call out to the jungle with drone backing. It is really a beautiful piece of music which would make a great soundtrack for a film. “Invitation Mantra” continues with the chill vibe a slow bass line and bells subtle percussion set the stage as the horns and vocals enter the entrancing dance. I picture dancers in the sun stomping on the desert sands bells attached to the ankles, as the voice recites the invitation mantra. This long steady jam feels like a prayer and meditation with a psychedelic edge. “Surem Dervish” moves back into the heavier psych sounds with more guitar bass and drum. The sound builds at times reminiscent of Acid Mother Temple moving into experimental territory sounding like a psychedelic rock acid-jazz explosion.


The Myrrors

Entranced Earth

Mountains Mourning

Liberty Is In The Street

No Clear Light

Entranced Earth


Invitation Mantra

Surem Dervish


Article by: Nathan Rose



Article by: Temple Rose